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Tishman Speyer Introduces Zo – a Comprehensive Suite of Wellness, Lifestyle and Corporate Services to Tenants

New York, NY February 7, 2017)

Landlord to Offer Work-Life

Balance Services to All Tenants and Employees, Starting at Rockefeller Center®

Focusing on the growing importance of work-life balance, Tishman Speyer today introduced a comprehensive suite of amenities and services for its tenants. Partnering with leading service providers, Tishman Speyer will offer amenities, including wellness, backup child care, on-site health screenings and medical services, travel planning, community volunteer engagement, personal grooming, rideshares, human resources services, and food and catering, to companies of all sizes.


The broadly conceived suite of services, called Zo, has been introduced at Rockefeller Center in New York City, and will be expanded throughout Tishman Speyer’s global portfolio. The name Zo was originally inspired by the Greek word for life, zoe, and the concept of being “in the zone.” Zo services will be available to companies that lease space in Tishman Speyer’s buildings, as well as their employees directly.


“Zo represents a shift in the mindset of how we run our business and our portfolio,” said Rob Speyer, Chief Executive Officer of Tishman Speyer. “Our most important job is to serve the 250,000 people who work in our buildings each and every day. Instead of defining ourselves by the square feet we own, we will define ourselves by the quarter million people who use the square feet and how well we tend to them.”


Tishman Speyer is the first office landlord to offer such a comprehensive suite of amenities and services, which will make it possible for tenant companies of all sizes to offer their employees the same services that have thus far been available only to large corporations. Tishman Speyer is uniquely positioned to roll out and scale this new program, capitalizing on the size of its global portfolio and the occupation density of commercial office buildings.  Rockefeller Center alone has a workforce of up to 30,000 in more than 300 companies, and in New York City, 80,000 people work in Tishman Speyer buildings.


Zo Services at Rockefeller Center


Emergency/Backup Child Care

Bright Horizons, the world's leading provider of employer-sponsored child care, will offer backup care options to small- and mid-size companies, at a fraction of the cost of negotiating directly with a child care provider. Companies will be able to make a set number of emergency or backup child care visits available to their employees.


Travel Planning

Tenants and their employees will be able to plan and book travel through American Express Global Business Travel (GBT), the leading corporate travel provider with operations in nearly 120 countries.  GBT is in the business of transporting a company’s most vital and valuable resources - their employees.  Tishman Speyer tenants and their employees will benefit from the global scale of GBT which will enable them to realize savings and improved productivity together with exceptional traveler care.


Beauty Services

GLAMSQUAD the on-the-go pro team for hair, makeup and nails, will offer high-quality beauty services. Continuing its mission to empower female professionals, the company will provide a service that allows them to experience beauty on their own terms. GLAMSQUAD’s team of elite hair stylists, makeup artists and nail technicians is meticulously selected and curated to guarantee consistent, high-quality results and a superior experience during every appointment so employees can look and feel amazing.



Exubrancy will help organizations maximize employee health and well-being via in-office meditation sessions, group yoga and fitness classes, massages, and team building activities. Tenant companies can contract with Exubrancy to provide programs within their own office spaces or in designated Tishman Speyer locations at Rockefeller Center. This is an opportunity for companies, even small ones, to create employee incentives, hold team-building exercises, or simply provide convenience to their employees.  It speaks to the philosophy that an employee who feels better is more productive.


Civic Engagement (Corporate Social Responsibility and Volunteerism)

For several years, Tishman Speyer has organized volunteer days of service for its internal staff through NYC Service, a division of the Office of the Mayor, which promotes volunteerism and service as a catalyst for civic engagement.  As part of Zo, Tishman Speyer – in partnership with NYC Service – will identify, scope, and secure volunteer projects with community-based organizations for tenant companies and their employees. Tishman Speyer will also organize sign-up and handle the logistics, providing organizational capacity that smaller tenants might not have.


HR Services

Tishman Speyer will be working with two leading professional employer organizations (PEOs) Justworks and TriNet to offer industry-tailored HR solutions at a discount.  Justworks is a tech-forward, all-in-one platform that automates and manages benefits, payroll, HR, and government paperwork to help business owners take care of their teams.  TriNet is a strategic partner to small and midsize businesses for HR, payroll, employee benefits, employment law compliance and risk mitigation.



Via, a leading rideshare company, will provide a unique monthly pass product for tenant companies. This will provide savings for tenants who pay for expensed rides, either after-hours car or to the airport, and additional benefits for employees such as subsidized commutes and discounted fares during weekends.


Food Delivery

Savory, a healthy lifestyle and clean-eating food delivery company, will provide a suite of food services, and has been pre-cleared for direct access to participating tenants' floors to provide convenient meals in minutes.  Savory functions like a virtual café and offers everything from individual meal delivery, meeting and office-wide catering, office pantry management, and larger event catering.


For more information about Zo, visit findyourzo.com.